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Turbo XS 3" RFL TI Catback Exhaust - Lancer EVO
Part #: txs.ex
Turbo xs RFL TI is a stunning looking cat-back exhaust system with a deep low tone. Featuring 100% T-304 SS 3" mandrel bent construction and a titanium tipped muffler. Straight through muffler design with the straightest exhaust path possible for optimal performance. Resonated mid-pipe results in a deep tone. Fits Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII

Our price: $539.10
Turbo XS 3" Stainless Downpipe: Lancer EVO 8
Part #: EVO8-FP
The addition of a downpipe yields significant and increased throttle response. Turbo XS is world famous for putting out quality products at an affordable price. Fully mandrel bent 3" steel pipe. This downpipe will work with most aftermarket cat-back systems and stock cat. Fits Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII

Our price: $269.10
Turbo XS Cat-less Race Pipe : EVO 8
Part #: EVO8-RP

This 3 inch, 304 stainless steel, race pipe replaces the stock EVO8 catalytic converter

Fits: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII

TECH TIP: Full 3" pipe.For off road use only.

Our price: $125.10
Turbo XS Catback Exhaust - Subaru WRX 2008-2011
Part #: W08S-CBE

Designed specifically for each vehicle, Turbo XS Exhaust Systems are all 3", 304 Stainless Steel Steel and Titanium components are offered for certain models. Systems are designed to utilize the factory catalytic converters in stock position so as to maintain street-legal status and emissions compliance.

NOTE: Picture shows race pipe and downpipe which is not included but is sold separately.

Our price: $899.10
Turbo XS Dual Stage Boost Controller
Part #: BC-DSBC
All the things that you like about the Standard Boost Controller with the added ability to switch between 2 pre-set boost levels from inside the cabin of your SRT-4 - even when under full boost!  The Turbo XS Dual Stage Boost Controller is installed in line with the pressure hose running from the positive pressure side of the turbo to the waste gate actuator system. A switch is wired back to the cabin to switch between boost levels. The switch is lit when on high boost.****FREE GROUND SHIPPING****

Our price: $224.10
Turbo XS EVO8/9 FMIC Hard Pipe Kit for 2003-2007

The TurboXS EVO8/9 FMIC Hard Pipe Kit can be used with either the stock FMIC or the TurboXS FMIC (EVO8-FMIC). Made from mirror polished 2.5” diameter mandrel bent aluminum, these bolt-on pipes are a direct replacement for the factory IC pipe.

The TurboXS Hard Pipe Kit offers improved airflow, quicker boost response, and higher boost pressure at redline compared to the restrictive and turbulent OEM corrugated rubber pipes. In addition to all the performance benefits, each pipe is hand-polished to a mirror finish for a show quality look.

Each kit includes all necessary silicone couplers and stainless steel T-bolt clamps. And unlike other manufacturer’s hard pipe kits that require you to purchase a smaller battery, the TurboXS EVO FMIC Hard Pipe Kit uses precision mandrel bent pipes that allow you to keep your OEM battery. No expensive “battery upgrade kit” necessary! Additionally, the kit can be installed with a variety of intakes including the factory airbox, the TurboXS EVO8-Intake, the HKS EVO8 intake, and similar intakes. This kit fits all models of the EVO 8 and EVO9 including the MR and the RS models.

Our price: $431.10
Turbo XS Front Mount Intercooler Kit: Subaru WRX / STi 2006-07
Part #: WS-FMIC-0607

When massive flow and cooling is needed, the Turbo XS Front Mount Intercooler delivers.

Dwarfing the factory IC core volume by more than 3.3 times, the TurboXS Front Mount Intercooler bar and plate core is larger AND less restictive at high flow rates resulting in better cooling performance.

Fits WRX MY2006-2007 and STi MY2006-2007.

NOTE: A Short Ram intake like the TurboXS WS-INTAKE is required to install the WS-FMIC.

The Kit Includes:
Front Mount Intercooler Core
Front Bumper Support Beam
Intercooler Piping Kit
Silicone Couplers
Stainless Steel T bolt Clamps
Radiator Overflow Bottle
TXS RBV34 Bypass Valve
Fuel Line Hose

Our price: $1079.10
Turbo XS Front Mount Intercooler: Lancer EVO 8
Part #: EVO8-FMIC
TurboXS front mount intercooler for the EVO VIII, MR, RS cars. The Front Mount Intercooler is a bar and plate design for maximum efficiency. The core can handle up to 700 wheel horsepower. The kit uses the factory or factory style intercooler piping. Includes polished end tanks and mounting brackets for easy fitment. No cutting is necessary.Fits: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII / IX

Our price: $629.10
Turbo XS H-34 Blow Off Valve
Part #: txs.h34

Designed for performance, the TurboXS Racing Bypass Valve Type H relieves the pressure surge caused by changing gears or backing off the throttle quickly. Because the valve’s exhaust port can easily be plumbed back into the car’s air intake, the valve is ideal for Mass Air Flow(MAF) metered cars where venting to atmosphere can create a "rich" air/fuel ratio. The Racing Bypass Valve Type H was specifically designed with high boost applications in mind. The Racing Bypass Valve Type H is recommended for cars running 10 psi to 25 psi of boost. When properly installed and adjusted, there is practically no limit to the maximum boost pressure this unit can hold. Can be vented to intake. 

-> FREE Ground Shipping <-

*SRT-4 Tech Tip:*  You will need one of the following parts to mount this bov on your SRT-4; turbo xs adapter, atp pressure pipe, or perrin charge pipe.

Our price: $170.10
Turbo XS HP Manual Boost Controller
Part #: txs.hpbc
Designed for those who want the ability to radically increase their boost levels 1 to 30 psi above stock, but don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars to do it. The TurboXS High Performance Boost Controller (HPBC) is the right choice for simple, accurate and reliable high level boost control. The HPBC has two (2) boost control mechanisms built into it. One is a ball and spring mechanism for large and coarse boost pressure increases and the other is a bleed valve system for precise boost pressure setting. The ball and spring mechanism keeps pressure out of the wastegate until the preset boost level is reached, significantly reducing wastegate creep and providing quicker turbo spool up. Boost is adjusted with the simple turn of the screws using the included 2mm hex key.****FREE GROUND SHIPPING****

Our price: $121.50
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