Tial Garrett - GT3582R TurboCharger

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Part # 714568-3
Price: $1498.95
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* Ball bearing turbocharger
* Oil & Water-cooled bearing system
* High Performance BCI-18 Compressor and UHP Turbine
* Perfect for high horsepower, but responsive engines
* Works well as twins for large V-8 engines
* T3 turbine inlet flange and 4-bolt turbine outlet flange
* Turbine housing is cast from high-nickel "Ni-Resist" material for extreme applications
GT3582 Compressor Turbine
Turbo CHRA Wh Dia Wh Dia Trim A/R Type
714568-3 706451-5 Ind Exd Trim A/R 68.0mm 84 0.63 Free Float
61.4mm 82.0mm 56 0.70
***Picture is not actual product***

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