Tial GT3076R TurboCharger (Less Turbo Housing)(All Ported Shroud)

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Part # 700382-12 - 05
Price: $928.00
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Item Overview

* Ball bearing
* Oil & Water-cooled bearing system
* Upgrade turbocharger for GT3071R non-wastegated ball-bearing turbocharger; turbine housing flanges are outline interchangeable
* T3 turbine inlet flange
* Ideal for medium displacement engines making up to 525 hp


Turbo   CHRA   Wh Dia Trim A/R Wh Dia Trim A/R Type
700382-12   700177-7 Ind Exd 60mm 84   -     -
    57.0mm 76.2mm 56 0.60  

The 700382-12 GT30R is a customizable Garrett ball bearing GT turbo that is packaged without the turbine housing. (It includes a CHRA and compressor housing.)

The turbine housing kits include turbine housing, clamps, bolts, and turbine inlet gasket.

Flange Dimensions

***Picture is not actual Product***


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