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Apexi GT Spec Muffler: 91-95 MR2 Turbo (Racing Use Only)
Part #: 171-KT02

The GT Spec Muffler is the ultimate in high power exhaust systems. Previously available only for select GT class vehicles, we are now proud to offer the GT Muffler for a wide variety of popular vehicles. The GT System is a FULLY polished stainless steel exhaust utilizing a massive 95mm* (3.74 inches) piping diameter channeled through a 114.3mm (4.5 inch) tip. A'PEX proudly stands as one of the only manufacturers in Japan to own and operate a 95mm mandrel pipe bender. An A'PEX Silencer is included to suppress exhaust sound output for street applications. By using even lighter SUS 304 stainless steel piping to save weight, the GT Series muffler stands as the benchmark of power, craftsmanship, and design. Each muffler incorporates immaculate robotic TIG welds as well as hand crafted welding.

*Piping diameter dependant on application.


The Ultimate Exhaust - Form and Function

High-end power, includes silencer

Piping Diameter: 75mm-80mm-95mm


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Market price: $849.00 save 3%
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Apexi WS2 Exhaust: Toyota MR2 SPYDER 2000+
Part #: 116-KT03

The WS Exhaust series is the A'PEX answer to the ultimate street muffler system with all around performance. The canister is made of the highest grade polished SUS304 stainless steel while the mandrel bent piping consists of high temperature, titanium particle coated mild steel. This muffler has always been the standard for aftermarket street exhaust systems. The oval canister houses a newly designed rolled tip for an extremely high class finish. Interior construction has been fine tuned for even more low to mid-range power. Countless magazine dyno tests have proven the WS exhaust to be one of the best all around exhaust systems on the market. As always, all A'PEX cat back exhaust systems come complete with all necessary hangers, nuts, bolts, and gaskets.

The World Sport muffler is for the performance enthusiast who has more on their minds than just pure power. This system is designed to provide excellent low and mid range power without excessive noise. The sporty, yet elegant look is made possible by using a polished SUS 304 stainless steel muffler, 60mm titanium particle powder coated mild steel piping, paired with a 100mm (3.93 inch) polished tip. Robotic TIG welds along with precise hand crafted welds ensure maximum longevity and performance. The WS system possesses all of the Motorsports passion and intensity associated with A'PEXi products. This system is ideal for the daily driver car of an enthusiast, or for vehicles that want the high class sporty look without the noise.

Top-of-class street muffler combining both style and performance

Mid to high-end power

Application: Toyota MR2 SPYDER 2000+
Piping Diameter: 60mm
Tip: 100mm

Our price: $534.95
Market price: $599.00 save 11%
HKS Sport Exhaust: TOYOTA MR2 Spyder 2000-2003
Part #: 3302-ST065

Legamax and Sport Exhaust Systems are designed to reduce backpressure and increase exhaust flow for greater peak power and a broader torque band. Each Legamax and Sport Exhaust application utilizes a specific muffler design and shape along with the appropriate piping diameter to maintain low-end torque while maximizing high-end horsepower. All Legamax systems are made from polished SUS304 stainless steel piping.

***Picture may differ slightly from product***

- Tip: E-1
- Tip Dia.(mm):100
- Piping Dia.(mm): 60

Fits: TOYOTA MR2 Spyder 2000-2003 ; Off Road Use Only - Exceeds 95db level, Full Stainless

Our price: $599.95
HKS Turbo Exhaust: TOYOTA MR2 1990-1995 2.0 Turbo
Part #: LET-T07

Specifically engineered for turbo applications that require greater flow capacity than naturally aspirated applications, Turbo Exhaust systems use a straight through design. The increased flow characteristics offer a gain in boost pressure, boost response, a broader powerband and increases overall peak horsepower. Performance increases vary by application, with average gains of 10-25 horsepower.

***Picture may differ slightly from product***

- Tip: D-1
- Tip Dia: 76
- Piping Dia: 65

Fits: TOYOTA MR2 1990-1995 2.0 Turbo

Our price: $566.95
Megan Racing Axle Back Exhaust: Toyota MR-Spyder 00-06
Part #: MR-ABE-TMS01
For those who like to taylor their exhaust to their own taste, Megan Racing offers an axle-back exhaust for the Toyota MR-S. Designed as a direct bolt-on to replace the stock piece, this axle-back system works in conjunction with the OEM Mid-Pipe and is easy to install within minutes.

Constructed of T-304 Stainless Steel and polished to a mirror finish, this Axle-Back system offers free-flowing performance over your OEM restrictive exhaust system. Being constructed of Stainless-Steel, this exhaust piece is much more lighter than your OEM system and offers increased Power:Weight ratio that plays an important role in your cars handling and performance.

- 2.5" piping

- direct bolt on

Our price: $271.95
Megan Racing Cat-Back Exhaust System Drift Spec: Toyota MR2 90-94 Non Turbo
Part #: MR-CBS-O

One of Megan Racing s strongest products, the Cat-Back System is made of SUS-304 Stainless Steel with a fully polished surface, CNC machined flanges and mandrel bends. Its aggressive styling, and deep, strong tone are just part of the MR Cat-Back characteristics. It also serves to improve horsepower, torque and overall performance with its straight-through design. The exhaust systems have 2.5” piping and 3” piping for certain forced induction models. Finished with a tip that is designed to increase the scavenging effect and achieve maximum performance, while adding a perfect match on exterior styling as well. As a direct bolt on, each Cat-Back comes with a 12-Month warranty.

Our new cat back system is the drift-spec style. Designed to give it a more agressive look the exhaust is angled up and outward. Depending on each car and each bumper design, the exhaust will vary upon the direction and angle that it sits.


- For MR2 90-94 non turbo
- 4" tip with 5.5" width muffler
- Removable double-layer silencer, 2.5" piping.
- Built-in resonator
- 100% stainless steel with polish finish
- Producing strong, deep and noticeable sound
- Direct bolt-on application
- Gain 10-15 more horse power, faster response
- Comes with gaskets, bolts & nuts
- Warranty included

Fits:  Toyota MR2 90-94 Non Turbo

Our price: $510.00
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