DOCRace 1JZ Top Mount Single Scroll Manifold - Toyota

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The DOC Race Topmount Turbo manifold is for the more extreme setup looking for the potential limit of the vehicles engine. This manifold has seen well over 1000hp and is designed for peak-power situations. The DOC Topmount manifold can still be used for “streetable” vehicles, but is solely designed to make maximum horsepower and allow you to fit much larger frame turbo’s then traditional Bottom-mount Manifolds. D.O.C. still applies our elaborate porting process to complement maximum flow within ALL of our manifolds.

Toyota 1JZGTE and 1.5JZ Engines Non-VVTI
Standard with Single Tial MVR Wastegate (44mm VBand)
Up to GT/GTX42R (PTE8285) Turbo
Up to 4" Downpipe Available

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