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AMS 3" EVO Catback Exhaust System
Part #: A102

The AMS Evolution VIII 3 inch mandrel bent catback exhaust system isconstructed of TIG welded 100% 304 stainless steel mandrel bent tubing,providing you with a corrosion free high flowing exhuast. The system utilizesall of the factory exhaust hangers and includes a high quality slash cut 4"tip muffler.

  • Constructed of 3" mandrel bent 304 stainless steel tubing;
  • All stainless flanges;
  • Stainless hangers utilize all stock rubber hangers;
  • Entirely TIG welded;
  • Straight-through design polished stainless muffler;
  • Deep throaty exhaust note;
  • Includes adaptor for stock catalytic convertor;
  • Includes all hardware and gaskets;

Fits: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8, 9

Part # A102

Our price: $698.95
AMS 5 Speed Gate Selector Bushing Kit - EVO X

The AMS EVO X 5 Speed Gate Selector Bushing Kit is made to eliminate shifter play and give a tighter feel providing precise gear changes.  This kit was initially designed to improve shifting in our EVO X Time Attack car and is now available for your street car.

Designed to improve shifting accuracy, this solid bronze bushing kit replaces the plastic and rubber OEM units which create extra slop in the shifter. The kit installs in minutes and because it is bronze, you never have to worry about lubrication or rust.


  • Improves overall shifter precision and feel
  • Bronze bushing construction
  • No lubrication required
  • Installs in minutes
  • Completely reversible to stock


  • Solid bronze bushing
  • Delrin thrust washer




Our price: $26.95
AMS BMW 135i/335i Front Mount Intercooler
Part #: AMS-BMW-135i-335i - 04
The AMS BMW 135/335 Front Mount Intercooler is the best performing direct bolt on you can buy. Simply by bolting on this intercooler on a stock car you can expect over 10 wheel horsepower gains. cars running increased boost due to a tune have seen 40 plus wheel horsepower near redling!

Our price: $827.95
AMS EVO 8 Fuel Rail
Part #: A2022

AMS is proud to offer a CNC'd aluminum fuel rail for the Evolution VIII. Our fuel rail provides increased fuel flow which is necassary when running more boost. The rail comes either anodized in Red or Silver and includes the AMS flame/turbo logo CNC'd into the face.

Fits: Lancer Evolution VIII

Part # A2022


Our price: $194.95
AMS EVO Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit
Part #: A2020

This kit is designed for anyone running a larger then factory fuel pump and or injectors. Whether you are running too much fuel and need to back off the pressure, or if you are on the edge of your current injectors and need to raise base fuel pressure. This is the system for you! Comes in a black cover / Black body for a low key apperance.

The AMS FPR kit comes complete with:

  • Fuel Lab 1:1 fuel pressure regulator (your choice of color)
  • Liquid Fuel Pressure gauge for regulator mounting
  • Return line to mate up to the factory steel line
  • Line and fittings to bolt up to any stock or stock replacement Fuel rail.
  • Mounting plate for FPR
  • All hardware needed.
  • Fits: Lancer Evolution VIII

    Part # A2020

    Our price: $349.95
    AMS EVO Remote Oil Pressure Sending Unit Line
    Part #: A7540

    This line is a MUST when installing an oil pressure gauge.

    Traditionally tuners would mount their oil pressure sending units directly on the oil filter housing which provided an accurate reading and a quick mounting solution. The down fall is the excessive vibration especially at high RPM's which can cause a failed or broken sensor. If the sender breaks a rapid oil leak can quickly ruin bearings or even cause engine failure. The AMS -3AN stainless steel braided line has great looks and last. It will let you relocate the sending unit for longer life as it dampens vibration.

    Fits: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII      

    Part # A7540

    Our price: $35.00
    AMS EVO Upper Intercooler Pipe : EVO 8, 9
    Part #: AMS-UPIC-EVO

    This 100% polished aluminum upper intercooler pipe is a replacement for the upper pipe that comes stock on your evo. Its three piece design eliminates many of the stock bends and rubber couplers. Through our extensive parts prototyping and dyno testing programs we have found that replacing the upper pipe will free up a few additional horsepower. Installation is very easy and can be installed at home in less than an hour. This kit only fits the stock intake manifold.

    **This item will fit the Evo VII/VIII/IX**

    *An AMS Small Battery Kit is required for the upper intercooler pipe install.

    This Upper IC pipe will only work with an aftermarket intake. It will NOT WORK WITH THE STOCK AIRBOX.

    Our price: $399.95
    AMS Evo VIII Stroker Kit
    Part #: A500

    Increase displacement to 2.3 liters with the AMS Stroker Kit. Expect a 10-15% increase in torque and spool up 400-500 rpm sooner than the 2.0. Road racer will pull through corners better and drag racers will pull harder down the 1320 with the added torque. Take some advise from the V-8 guys: "There is no replacement for displacement" :)

    AMS Lancer Evolution Stroker Kit includes:

  • New Crank
  • Eagle Rods
  • Ross Pistons
  • ARP Main studs
  • Bearings

    Fits: Lancer Evolution VIII 03-05 GSR, RS, MR

    Part # A500

  • Our price: $2369.95
    AMS Front Mount Intercooler Upgrade EVO X
    Part #: A101

    Just like with exhaust, it is important to free up intake restrictions toallow as much air into the engine as possible for making peak power levels. Thefactory front mount intercooler works well, but like anything "stock",it becomes a restriction as modification levels increase and will keep yourEvolution from producing maximum power.

    This upgraded cores measures 20" x 12.4" x 3.625" and theoverall length, including end tanks, is 28". The core is bar and platedesign and flows a massive 1250+ CFM with a miniscule 1psi of pressuredrop.

    With more than 80% increased internal volume than the stock FMIC,intake flow capabilities and potential power levels are dramatically increased.In fact, a 20 horsepower or more gain or can be realized simply by bolting it onin place of your stock FMIC.

    This FMIC is as large as you can fit in your Evo without major surgery. Thebumper can be retained if you wish, but you will need to remove, or at leastcut, the splash guard to allow for the added height of the core to come through.

    Fits: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII

    TECH TIP: See an installation of this product at EvoMoto EvoTech section.

    Our price: $749.95
    AMS Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit - EVO X
    Part #: AMS-EVOX-FPR

    The AMS EVO X Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit is designed for anyone running an upgraded fuel pump and or fuel injectors. Whether you are running too rich and need to back off the fuel pressure or if you are running too lean on your current injectors and need to raise base fuel pressure, this is the system for you!  A vibration resistant, liquid filled fuel pressure gauge is included allowing you to monitor your fuel pressure.  Requires no cutting or modifications to your vehicle for easy installation and/or removal.


    • Raise, lower or monitor your fuel pressure
    • No cutting or modifications needed for easy installation and/or removal

    Kit Includes:

    • Fuel Lab 1:1 Black fuel pressure regulator
    • Liquid-filled fuel pressure gauge
    • Return line to mate up to the factory steel line
    • Line and fittings to bolt up to any stock or stock replacement fuel rail.
    • Mounting plate
    • All necessary hardware

    Fits: 08+ EVO X

    Part# AMS-EVOX-FPR


    Our price: $359.95
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