AGP Turbo

AGP Turbo
AGP Turbo is a manufacturer of high performance turbo kits and parts. They specialize in the Turbo Neon SRT-4, EVO, DSM, Corvette, and PT Cruiser.


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AGP SRT-4 Factory BOV Block Off Plate
Purchase this piece separately if you already have an aftermarket external blow off valve. This part block the spot the stock BOV mounts. Fits Turbo Neon SRT-4.

Our price: $19.95
AGP SRT-4 Fuel Return Line Kit

The SRT-4 is one of the few high performance cars that does not come stock with a fuel return line. It is almost an essential upgrade when you have larger injectors, or a turbo upgrade. The kit utilizes an Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator that connects to your stock fuel feed line with the supplied fittings. A braided stainless steel hose runs back to the filler line at the tank to complete the system. All necessary fittings are included in this kit.

Fits: Dodge Turbo Neon SRT-4


Our price: $348.95
AGP SRT-4 Oil Accumulator

The SRT-4 being a high horsepower turbocharged car runs a significant amount of piston-to-wall clearance. The cylinder pressure from the forced air creates more heat in turbocharged applications when compared to non-turbocharged engines, thus DCX designed a "loose" engine for added safety and longevity purposes. Unfortunately, a byproduct of an engine that allows a lot of blow-by is oil residue makes its way past the PCV system and ends up in the intake manifold, and many other places.

Oil residue in the combustion chamber of an engine is bad news, and can lead to really bad news with respect to how your engine runs. AGP has been testing a real solution for a while now that will actually separate the oil from the air flowing between the PCV and intake manifold. It sounds easy enough, as many people have tried to adapt simple catch cans and industrial water valves to remove the oil from the air. Those products do work OK but only separate a small amount with respect to how much oil is actually passing through the system. Enter the AGP Oil Accumulator.

The AGP turbo three chamber oil separator gathers the airborn oil particles through the middle chamber. Oil is separated from the air through the filtering media and drains through a perforated aluminum plate on the bottom side of the middle chamber then accumulating in the bottom chamber. As this oil gets filtered through the middle chamber, clean air is then filtered again and exits through the top chamber. This three chamber system design provides the best protection against unwanted oil making its way to the combustion process.

The bottom of the Oil Accumulator has a threaded 1/4" NPT bung and a plug to allow the user an easy way to drain the oil.

The Oil Accumulator is completely constructed of aluminum and is highly polished to provide some extra 'bling' to your engine bay. This will fit the SRT-4 perfectly and comes with hose and hose clamps for an easy installation.

Fits: Dodge Turbo Neon SRT-4

Part # 91306

Our price: $149.95
AGP SRT-4 Screw-In Temperature Sensor Kit

The factory (and all other aftermarket) Air Intake Temperature (IAT) sensor is held into the upper intercooler hose with a grommet. These sensors tend to blow out at higher than factory boost levels. The best way to fix this problem, is to purchase one of the AGP temp sensor kits.

The new IAT sensor is designed to be a direct replacement for the factory's PCM to get an accurate reading, without blowing out and causing a big boost leak. The sensor's body utilizes a 1/4-28 thread pattern and screws into the supplied bung. Splice the two wires into your factory harness, and you're good to go.

TECH TIP: The bung will need to welded or affixed to your existing intercooler pipe.

Fits: Dodge Turbo Neon SRT-4


Our price: $58.95
AGP SRT-4 Solid Transmission Mount

Tighten up that SRT4 engine assembly even more and reduce torque steer and wheel hop. Use this solid transmission mount as a perfect addition to your solid engine mounts for the ultimate stability of your engine/trans. This is a direct replacement of the stock rubber trans mount. Powdercoated for great looks and long lifetime.Fits: Dodge Turbo Neon SRT-4

Part # 22355

Our price: $84.95
AGP Turbo SRT-4 Cast T3 Manifold

The short runner design has proven to spool up 3-400 RPM faster than long runner tube manifolds and our overall design has proven itself capable of well in excess of 600whp. The entire inside of the manifold is smooth, so no porting is necessary. The rectangular runner shape perfectly matches the outlet of the head, and smoothly comes together into the shared plenum. The manifold remains this rectangular shape throughout the plenum with no transitions to round. This insures maximum exhaust gas velocity and energy. The Port-Flow manifold is constructed from a high silicon moly hybrid cast iron to provide enormous strength, relative light weight over ductile iron, and unmatched reliability for day to day use. One year warranty.

TECH TIP: This is the same manifold AGP turbo uses in their turbo kits which bolts a T3 turbine housing and a 2 bolt wastegate flange such as a Turbonetics Evolution and TiAL 38mm.


Our price: $329.95
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