AEM 4-Channel K-Type Thermocouple Amplifier

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4-channel K-type thermocouple amplifier.

AEM's 4-Channel K-Type Thermocouple Amplifier provides laboratory-grade accuracy for virtually any on-board temperature measurements. This unit utilizes low-cost K-Type thermocouple amplifiers to measure multiple engine system temperatures with better accuracy and faster response times than currently available temperature-measuring devices.

Unlike common single-channel gauges and amplifiers whose readings can vary up to 20? C from actual temperatures, AEM guarantees its 4-Channel K-Type Thermocouple Amplifier to read better than 1% full scale, even at the extremes of the temperature range! The unit achieves its laboratory-grade accuracy via a 100% surface-mounted PCB (printed circuit board) that has four differential temperature inputs fed into an A/D converter and fitted using a stage-three, eighth-order polynomial curve fit. The amplifier then compensates for this value using AEM's on-board cold junction temperature measurement, and then sends the temperature outputs on feedback-monitored 0-5v analog outputs and an RS-232 serial data stream.

The 4-Channel K-Type Thermocouple Amplifier is ideal for users who want to accurately monitor multiple engine system temperatures, including water, air, coolant, fuel, disc brake and more. Multiple channels allow you to use each amp to simultaneously read different system temperatures (one channel for EGT, one channel for CLT, etc.). Users can utilize ANY K-Type thermocouple including commonly-available miniature thermocouple connectors, and datalog the readings via an RS-232 serial data stream. K-Type sensors sold separately.

Uses common miniature thermocouple connectors or ANY K-Type thermocouple
On-board cold junction temperature compensation for laboratory-grade accuracy
Includes FOUR (4) 0-5v analog outputs
0-1,000? C(32-1,832? F) measurement range
Measures up to 20? C below cold junction temperature
RS-232 serial port included for datalogging (programmable EMS not required)
"Fault LEDs" indicate when a thermocouple is faulty
High-quality Deutsch connector
Mating harness included

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