ACT Performance Street Clutch Disc: Scion xA/xB 04-06/Yaris 07-08/Matrix 03-04

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ACT Street Discs

- Quiet operation from OE quality torsional dampeners
- Increased clutch life
- Reduced fade - increased heat tolerance which helps prevent warping of mating surfaces

Performance Disc

- High Copper Content Friction Lining for Heat Tolerance
- Higher Burst Strength Due to Steel Backed Linings
- Quicker Shifting and Engagement
- Increased Strength and Reliability
- SFI Certified to Insure Safety (most discs)

Stock Disc

- Quality Replacement Disc - SFI Certified to Insure Safety (most discs)

Modified Disc

- Quicker Shifting and Engagement
- Increased Strength and Reliability
- Better Friction Material for Heat Tolerances
- SFI Certified to Insure Safety (most discs)

  ACT Stock ACT Modified ACT Performance
Torque Capacity (10=Highest torque capacity) 4 5 6
Heat Capacity (10=Highest heat capacity) 8 9 10
Quick Gear Shift (10=Quickest gear shift) 5 6 7
Smooth Gear Engagement (10=Smoothest engagement) 10 9 8
Durability (10=Most durable) 7 8 9
Disc Weight (10=Lightest weight) 3 3 3

Additional Information:

1) ACT carefully selects the right amount of cushioning between the linings to allow for good engagement characteristics without sacrificing performance.
2) Most ACT spring centered assemblies use bushings and cone springs similar to factory clutch discs. This creates frictional dampening which improves clutch life and reduces noise.
3) Spring retainers by ACT utilize a wrap around spring window that not only gives liberal support for the springs, but also reduces stress concentrations that are a common cause for failure. (Offered on most ACT Modified and Performance Street Discs).
4) ACT performance linings are steel backed for maximum burst and rotational strength.
5) They carefully broach splines to ensure exact fit onto transmission input shaft for long spline life and better clutch release.
6) Heavy duty torsional dampening springs are stronger in most cases than standard springs and are provided in the best sizes and spring rates to suit the application.
7) ACT Performance Street Discs feature a high copper content friction material. Through the use of copper the heat is pulled away from the surface. ACT achieves better heat tolerance and faster recovery from overheating.
8) Top grade rivets are used to securely fasten the part together. Rivet design and rivet materials are carefully selected for maximum strength.
9) Spring windows on most ACT street discs are heat treated to resist wear, increase strength and reduce the chance of springs "popping" out.
10) ACT provides thicker retainer stampings for increased strength and reliability. (Offered on most ACT Modified and Performance Street Discs).
11) All modified, performance and many standard replacement discs are certified as meeting SFI Specification 1.1 and are legal in all racing organizations that require SFI Certification.
12) Precision stampings for disc components are manufactured using dedicated tooling. This allows ACT to offer the highest in quality and consistency.


Geo Prizm Base (1991,1993-1997)
Geo Prizm Lsi (1991,1993-1997)
Lotus Elise Base (2005-2008)
Lotus Exige Base (2006-2007)
Pontiac Vibe Base (2003-2004)
Pontiac Vibe Gt (2003-2004)
Scion Xa Base (2004-2006)
Scion Xb Base (2004-2006)
Toyota Celica Base (1990-1997, 2000-2005)
Toyota Celica Gt (1990-1997, 2000-2005)
Toyota Celica Gts (1990-1997, 2000-2005)
Toyota Celica St (1990-1997, 2000-2005)
Toyota Corolla Base (1980-1982, 1989-2003)
Toyota Corolla Dlx (1980-1982, 1989-2003)
Toyota Corolla Dx (1980-1982, 1989-2003)
Toyota Corolla Gts (1980-1982, 1989-2003)
Toyota Corolla Le (1980-1982, 1989-2003)
Toyota Corolla Sr5 (1980-1982, 1989-2003)
Toyota Echo Base (2000-2004)
Toyota Matrix Base (2003-2004)
Toyota Matrix Xr (2003-2004)
Toyota Matrix Xrs (2003-2004)
Toyota Mr2 Base (1985-1989)
Toyota Mr2 Spyder Base (2000-2003)
Toyota Yaris Base (2007-2008)
Toyota Yaris Ce (2007-2008)
Toyota Yaris Le (2007-2008)
Toyota Yaris Rs (2007-2008)
Toyota Yaris S (2007-2008)

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