Water-Methanol Inject Kits


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Snow Performance 2.5 Gallon Reservoir
Part #: Snow.40014
***NOW AVAILABLE*** The new 2.5 Gallon Reservoir gives much more range than the included 3 qt tanks, and is fairly small in size - 13"l x 9.5"h x 7.5"w (similar to a very small car battery) and includes mounting straps and an additional 10 feet of tubing.

*NOTE* It is recommended that a Solenoid Upgrade (#40060) be used in any application that utilizes a rear mounted reservoir.

Our price: $119.99
Snow Performance 7 Gallon Reservoir
Part #: Snow.40016
**NOW AVAILABLE** Snow Performance now has a new 7 Gallon Reservoir available for those looking to maximize the range of the Boost Cooler water/methanol injection system.

The new 7 Gallon Reservoir (#40016) offers a larger fluid capacity but in a nice, compact design. The tank tucks up nicely against the side of your truck bed limiting the amount of bed space used.

Reservoir comes complete with pre-bent aluminum straps, fitting, 10 feet of tubing, and a Solenoid Upgrade.

Snow Performance always offers the most complete kits and upgrade components at the best prices. Compare the Snow Performance 7 Gallon Reservoir with the competitors that sell only the tank (no straps, no line, or solenoid) and you'll see that we bring the best value for your money again.

Dimensions: 15"L x 17"H x 9"W

Our price: $155.99
Snow Performance Boost Juice 4 gal. case
Part #: Snow.40008
Boost JuiceTM is Snow Performance's proprietary mix of 49% methanol and 51% water. It is made in a controlled environment with special care to make sure the ratios are accurate to result in a high performance water-methanol fluid formulated for use in the Boost CoolerTM injection system.

*NOTE* Boost Juice CAN NOT be shipped outside of the United States. Boost Juice CAN ONLY be shipped using Ground service.

4 gal case

Our price: $35.99
Snow Performance Carb Spacer Plate
Part #: Snow.40050
1" thick adatper plate allows a very clean and easy installation of our injector nozzles on carbureted applications using square-bore Holley, Edelbrock, or Carter 4 barrel carburetors.

*NOTE* Mounting injector nozzle below throttle plate requires a Solenoid Upgrade (#40060).

Our price: $65.95
Snow Performance Dual Nozzle Upgrade
Part #: Snow.40040
This allows an additional nozzle to be mounted in any of our Boost CoolerTM kits. It includes a Tee, or splitter, junction piece with our quick-connect fittings, a nozzle holder and a section of hose. Note - injector nozzle is not included. Mounting additional nozzles are required when you need a quantity greater than one nozzle can provide, or if you have a dual plenum/throttle body/carburetor setup to get even distribution.

Our price: $39.99
Snow Performance Nozzle Mounting Adapter
Part #: Snow.40110
Need a way to mount your injector nozzle into your silicone or rubber intake tube? Snow Performance now offers a Nozzle Mounting Adapter for those without metal intake tubes.

Made from Delrin, the adapter is methanol resistant and highly durable. Installation is easy: simply drill a 3/4" hole using a spade bit, insert the inner adapter piece, and thread on the outer adapter nut.

Our price: $29.99
Snow Performance SafeInjection Boost Controller Bypass Relay
Part #: Snow.30200
A normally closed relay that opens when the SafeInjectionTM detects a loss in system flow. Can be used to deactivate a boost controller solenoid, deactivate a nitrous system, or other 12 volt system.

Our price: $38.95
Snow Performance SafeInjection Bypass Valve Solenoid
Part #: Snow.30300
Solenoid such that boost is reduced by opening a bypass valve.

Our price: $65.95
Quantity Out of stock
Snow Performance SafeInjection Wastegate Solenoid
Part #: Snow.30100
Solenoid such that boost is reduced in a wastegated turbo set-up.

Our price: $65.99
Snow Performance Solenoid Upgrade
Part #: Snow.40060
Shut off solenoid is used when mounting the injection nozzle lower than the reservoir or the reservoir is rear-mounted to prevent gravity flowing. It is also used to prevent siphoning when the injection nozzle is mounted after the throttle body or carburetor and is exposed to vacuum.

Our price: $59.99
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