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ATP Turbo 1990-1992 Corrado G60 1.8L 8v -VW/Audi
Part #: ATP-VVW-109
MAN Turbo Manifold 8V
DNP Turbo Downpipe 2.5"
TBO Garrett Performance T3
WGT Integral Wastegate Set
OIL Oil Feed Set
OIL Oil Return Set
FLG Oil Return flange
PIP Piping Set for G60
BLT Hardware Kit, G60
BLW Bosch Plastic Valve
OIL Oil Pan Kit
PIP Inlet Pipe for G60
EPROM *EPROM is NOTincluded in the Kit

Our price: $1995.00
ATP Turbo 2.0T FSI/TSI Turbo Manifold - T25 flanged -VW Golf/Jetta/GTI/Audi A3
Part #: ATP-VVW-183
T25 flanged turbo manifold for use with popular internally wastegated turbos such as GT28RS, GT2871R, GT2876R, GT3071R-WG or other T25 flanged turbos on the new 2.0T FSI turbo engine. Also external wastegate port for use with Tial 38mm external or Tial 44mm external (using billet adapter). If not using external wastegate, just use the block off plate. Current fitmet includes transversely mounted FWD 2.0t fsi models such as 2006 and on VW Golf/Jetta/GTI and Audi A3. This highly efficient manifold used with popular internally wastegated GT turbos on our full 2.0t fsi kit along with a 3" stainless downpipe.
*Manifold only

Our price: $495.00
ATP Turbo 2000-2002 1.8T MKIV Stage IV -VW/Audi
Part #: ATP-VVW-119
MAN Turbo Manifold 20V 1.8T
TBO Garrett/Honeywell GT30R
TBO Dual Ball Bearing Trim
WGT External Tial Wastegate 35mm
OIL Oil Feed Set
OIL Oil Return Set
BLT Hardware kit, 1.8T
DNP Turbo Downpipe 3"
PIP Inlet Pipe Set 1.8T
FUL Injector Set, 475CC
ACS Greddy Profec-B Electronic Boost Controller
EP-MK18T EPROM, MK4, 18T Stage IV

Our price: $3995.00
ATP Turbo FMIC (Front Mounted Intercooler) Kit 2.0T FWD FSI /TSI (2006-2010 GOLF/GTI/JETTA)
Part #: ATP-VVW-178
Front mounted intercooler kit (FMIC), 2.0T FSI AND TSI engine on MK5 AND MK6 (2006 THROUGH 2010) Golf/GTI/Jetta, with Garrett 400HP GT Spec high density/high efficiency Bar and Plate intercooler core, ATP cast end tanks. A combo that yields almost no pressure drop and on a stock turbo with a chip, reduces intake temp by over 30 degrees to keep power consistent and engine reliable. Electro-polished 2.5" stainless tubing, multi-layer silicone connectors and t-bolt clamps. Special machined and o-ring adapter for stock turbo outlet connection. All ends of piping work is machine rolled for slip free operation. Installation requires no cutting of the vehicle to fit and sits flush against the front fascia of the bumper to maximize airflow. This unit works even better on the 2.0t FSI equipped with even the upgraded turbo units. Choose from black, red, or blue silicone color. **Optional 600HP core available for this kit but requires cutting of bumper support when installing. We recommend the 600HP core (more cutting of the bumper support beam) for any engine running an upgraded turbo.

Our price: $749.00
ATP Turbo GT30R & GT35R Oil Drain Assembly MKIV R32 3.2L - MKIV VW R32 3.2L VR6
Part #: ATP-VVW-238
GT30R and GT35R oil drain assembly for MKIV R32 3.2L Turbo using ATP Turbo manifold. Allows engine to use the stock oil pan's oil drain plug port as an oil return source for the turbo drain point. Assembly includes -10 oil drain flange for GT30R/GT35R, -10 braided drain line ans special oil pan fitting all for bolt-up install. The part is specially designed for an ultra high amount of oil flow to prevent a backup. Tested on the R32 32V VR6 and MKIV GLI/GTI engines with 100% success. Saves the time and energy of having to remove, drill, and replace the factory oil pan.

Our price: $95.00
ATP Turbo Mild Turbo (350HP) Kit Transversely Mounted 2.0T FSI -VW Golf/GTI/Jetta/Audi A3
Part #: ATP-VVW-221
This product has been replaced by P/N: ATP-VVW-255 which you can purchase outright and no core is required to be sent in from you. ********* Mild turbo kit (350 crank HP) for the transversely mounted 2.0T FSI engine found in the 2005.5 to 2009 VW Golf/Jetta and Audi A3 vehicles. Both FWD and Quattro models supported. Full conversion kit to convert stock K03 turbo to a Garrett based unit capable of 350 crank HP (stock is 200 crank HP). Kit comes with all parts required to "bolt-on" and run including stock turbine manifold/turbine housing (customer provided( modified to accept Garrett rotation assembly, Garrett compressor housing and high pressure wastegate actuator, all pre-assembled. Also comes with all new steel braided feed line, coolant line assemblies, and oil return line assembly along with all relevant fittings. OK to use stock downpipe and inlet pipe, but we recommend our 3" version or equivalent.

Note: This part requires a working core. Customer must send the stock turbo for us to perform the conversion process or pay an upfront $1300 (which will be refunded upon receipt of the core). Only the manifold/turbine housing is used. If complete turbo is received, we will return the rest of the turbo to you.

Our price: $1950.00
ATP Turbo Oil Feed Line Assembly GT30/GT35R on MKIV R32 - MKIV VW R32 3.2L VR6
Part #: ATP-VVW-239
Oil feed line assembly for GT30/GT35R on MKIV R32 engine gone turbo. Contains adapter fitting for oil feed source at the engine, proper length -4 AN oil feed line with right angle ends, restrictor/adapter fitting at the GT30R/GT35R turbo to accept -4 AN line.

Our price: $71.95
ATP Turbo Stock MKV (2006 - 2008) GTI 2.0T fsi throttle body pipe with the built in 1.5" Tee -VW Golf/GTI/Jetta/Audi A3
Part #: ATP-VVW-195
Stock MKV (2006 - 2008) GTI 2.0T fsi throttle body pipe with the built in 1.5" Tee for noise pipe. Can be used to replace stock throttle body pipe on Audi A3 model which does not have this 1.5" tee for the "cabin amplifier" pipe.

Our price: $135.00
ATP Turbo Tial 44mm External Wastegate (aka V44) - 05/10/10 REPLACED MVR! - MKIV VW R32 3.2L VR6
Part #: TIL-WGT-007
High temp NiCrFe based alloy is used for valve and 347SS valve housing will offer longer product life compared to competing designs. 17-7 PH Stainless Steel actuator spring gives consistent pressure at high temperature, resist "relaxing" at temperature to 900F (483C). Comes with all flanges and hardware. Brand New! V-Band Setup.

Our price: $407.99
ATP Turbo Turbo Manifold2002 to 2005 24V VR6 FWD 3.2L R32 AWD -Golf/Jetta/GTI/GLI
Part #: ATP-VVW-200
Turbo Manifold for the 24V version of the VR6 engine found in selected Front Wheel Drive models Golf/Jetta/GTI/GLI (in model year 2002 through 2005) as well as the MKIV R32 3.2L, Manifold is both T3 and T4 flanged for a wide range of Garrett turbos such as T3/T4, T04, GT3071R, GT3076R, GT3582R, and has plenty of room to run the 700 to 800HP GT4088R/GT4094R series turbos. Manifold is also appropriately equipped with the Tial 44mm V-band flange if you're using an external wastegate. Turbo placement is underside and the stock heatshield can be retained to keep heat away from the delicate intake manifold. Just notch the shield slightly to clear the Tial 44mm external gate. This manifold is left hand drive compatible as well as right hand drive compatible.

Our price: $595.00
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