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ATP Turbo 3" Downpipe Set for 2000-2002 B5 Audi S4 2.7T-VW/Audi
Part #: ATP-VVW-277
3" downpipe set. 2000-2002 B5 Audi S4 2.7T. True 3" pipes with V-Band exit. Maximize your K03 or K04 turbos or ensure you allow your eliminator GT turbos to do their job. Coupled with our 4" exhaust system, this setup offers more HP per PSI than any other exhaust system on the market. The final exhaust note of this setup makes the 2JZ Supra engine sound docile.

Our price: $795.00
ATP Turbo 3" High Flow Inlet Pipe Kit for Upgraded Turbos For Hyundai Genesis 2.0T - Hyundai GenesisCoupe 2.0T
Part #: ATP-HGC-017
3" high flow inlet pipe kit for upgraded turbos (with 3" inlet) on Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T. Wrinkle black powder coat with turbo grade multi-ply silicone hoses and clamps. Choose silicone color (Black, Red, or Blue). Includes silicone hoses to crankcase breather and high flow 3" filter.

Our price: $195.00
ATP Turbo 3" Inlet Pipe Kit for Mazdaspeed3 (2007 thru 2010) - Mazdaspeed3
Part #: ATP-MS3-003
High flow 3" inlet pipe kit for MS3 (Mazdaspeed3) turbo engine. Replaces the restrictive "pancaked" inlet pipe between turbo and MAF housing built into the factory airbox.

The turbo inlet pipe is the most critical area in the entire intake tract. Many companies make "intake" kits that replace the airbox only or the pre-airbox tube, but fail to address the prior piece, the inlet pipe attached directly to the turbo compressor inlet nozzle, which is often the bottleneck of the entire intake system. A compromised inlet pipe can hold back the entire turbo system from making power to full potential. Examine the molded factory plastic piece and you will find major flow impediments including a small diameter entry leading into a severely pinched shape flowpath. The flow is convoluted to say the least and net flow volume is less than desirable.

Our replacement piece which was built to handle the flow requirements of the big Garrett turbo upgrade, is built out nice aluminum casting (Internal and external of inlet tube is tumble polished for maximum flow), formed with smooth transitions to integrate a more desirable flowpath and accomodates much more volume because it’s all 3” throughout. The unit can also be ordered with the proper transition coupler to fit the stock turbo and unleash more power from it. Includes all parts from turbo inlet to your "intake". Specify Garrett 4" inlet or stock turbo 2" inlet. Specify color: black, red, or blue silicone connectors.

Our price: $275.00
ATP Turbo 3" MAF Housing - Billet Aluminum- DENSO Element - Mazdaspeed6
Part #: ATP-FLS-077
MAF housing, used to create custom intake setups, 3 inch outer diameter, billet aluminum, 1pc 3D machined, high flow for Denso style MAF element found on Subaru WRX/STI, Scion tC, Mazdaspeed 6, Toyota, Lexus, etc...

Our price: $97.95
ATP Turbo 3" Racing Cat Delete Pipe, Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T-Hyundai GenesisCoupe 2.0T
Part #: ATP-HGC-002
3" Racing Cat Delete Pipe, Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T, high flow, mandrel bent 3" diameter 304Grade Stainless tube TIG welded to CNC machined steel flanges. Direct bolt up to replace the restrictive cat directly at the turbo which chokes down the operation of the turbo. Good for quicker spoolup (300 rpms earlier), 25 ft/lb of torque and 15 WHP. Also fully compatible with our upcoming Garrett based upgrades supporting up to 500HP of flow.

Our price: $195.00
ATP Turbo 3" Stainless Cat Delete Upper Downpipe, Audi A4 B7 2.0T FSI -VW/Audi
Part #: ATP-VVW-190
3" stainless steel cat delete upper downpipe for the Audi A4 B7 2.0T FSI.

High flowing, full 3" stainless piping from front to back (no transition), for stock location (stock K03 or K04 turbo) use. Deletes the restrictive factory cat right out of the turbo. Fits the longitudinally mounted 2.0T FSI engine found on both Front Wheel Drive and Quattro models of the Audi A4. Has both front and rear 02 sensor bungs in factory location. All TIG welded construction for max flow and durability. 4 bolt flange bolts to K03 or K04 turbo outlet and bottom flange bolts to stock lower downpipe or any aftermarket downpipe using the stock style 3 bolt flange.

Unit drops right in to replace the place of the stock cat. The 3" piping throughout allows future upgrade to full 3" exhaust system. This modification is a very critical area in the exhaust system in allowing the rest of the exhaust system to flow freely since it replaces the first components out of the turbo which also happens to be the most restrictive component that acts as a bottleneck for the rest of the system. Our test car had a nice pretty polished “catback” system that retails for $1200 and did nothing until the bottleneck was removed with our cat delete pipe. A must have for any 2.0T running on the racetrack.

Note: For offroad use only!

Our price: $165.00
ATP Turbo 3" Stainless Downpipe - 2013 Focus ST 2.0L Turbo-2013+ Ford Focus ST 2.0L Turbo
Part #: ATP-FOC-003
2013 Focus ST 2.0: Turbo - 3" Stainless downpipe, 100% stainless assembly with all 304 grade flanges and mandrel bent stainless. Has 2 stock location O2 bungs and 1 extra bung and plug for future wideband tuning use. Full 3" throughout without reduction. Proven to be effective on a stock turbo or when used on our bolt-on GT/GTX turbos for use beyond 400HP as is. Just like our front mounted intercooler kit, this downpipe is built to be used for stock turbo HP all the way to the 600HP level so you only have to invest in the downpipe once in the life of the car. One of the key ingredients in getting the Focus ST to run 12's or faster.

Our price: $369.00
ATP Turbo 3" Stainless O2 Housing/Turbo Discharge Module v.2.0 -Dodge SRT-4
Part #: ATP-VSRT-010
3" stainless steel O2 housing/turbo discharge module. Version 2.0 with 1.75" wastegate return port and Tial 44mm flanged dump tube. Designed to bolt directly to the GT V-band housing on GT3071R/GT30R/GT35R turbos with longer necks. Assumes the use of the ATP cast turbo manifold and 44mm wastegate bolted to the manifold using adapter P/N ATP-FLS-039. Customers using 38mm can bolt the wastegate directly to the ATP cast manifold and build a simple 90 degree dump tube flanged for 38mm to connect to this O2 housing. This is the same kit used on the version 2.0 of our SRT-4 kit utilizing the larger Tial 44mm wastegate.

Our price: $249.00
ATP Turbo 3" Turbo V-band Downpipe Assembly for VR6-VW/Audi
Part #: ATP-VVW-177
3" turbo V-band downpipe assembly for VR6 turbo. Fits T4 or T3 tangential turbos with 3" V-Band discharge. Also comes with wastegate return port and wastegate dump tube for Tial 44mm wastegate. Also has O2 bung and an extra bung for wideband tuning. Requires the use of ATP VR6 Turbo Manifold and 44mm Tial wastegate mounted using adapter ATP-FLS-039. Otherwise, dumptube can be modified to use with a 38mm wastegate. 304 Stainless tubing in 3" diameter and 1.75" dumptube. All TIG welded construction.

Our price: $295.00
ATP Turbo 3" V-Band Downpipe MKIV 3.2L VW R32 24V VR6 -VW/Audi
Part #: ATP-VVW-234
3" V-Band stainless turbo downpipe assembly for the MKIV 3.2L Vw R32. Full 304 stainless. V-Band connections to turbo and between two sections. Includes racing cat delete rear section (can be replaced with cat module later) bolts directly to stock exhaust joint. All CNC mandrel bent and CNC flanges and TIG welded assembly. Designed to be used in conjunction with manifold ATP-VVW-200 and GT30R or GT35R turbo using the Garrett T3 exhaust housing with 3" GT V-Band exit in .63, .82 A/R, or 1.06 A/R.

Our price: $495.00
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