AGP Wastegate Actuator Kit WGA- Neon SRT-4

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AGP Wastegate Actuator Kit WGA- Neon SRT-4


Your stock 4psi wastegate actuator leaves a considerable about of horsepower on the table in the upper rpm ranges.  The AGP billet aluminum WGA will give you more boost, and let you hold that boost longer. This replaces the factory installed piece, and will allow you to hold higher boost pressures to redline. No longer will your boost drop off to 11psi by 6000 RPM. We've been able to hold about 17psi, which seems to be the limit of the stock fuel system. Other benefits include reducing the amount of boost spike, as well as eliminating the oscillation that is common with light spring actuators. This kit includes a custom machined bracket to mount up to the factory points on the back of the compressor housing and is fully adjustable for preload.  It comes with a base 8psi spring installed for those wanting to continue to adjust boost via PCM with a flash from Diablosport or SCT.  For those not wanting to run off PCM controlled boost, we include a 12psi and a 19psi spring.


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